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As you can imagine - super excited to be here! This is my very first post.

I hope the wysiwyg editor is amazing!

Basic features - I don’t think I would expect more than markup!

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Hi @robpye. Just having a first explore. Lots of similarities with others. :grinning:

We should have a sandbox for people to try out functionality and play a bit?

Threaded was quite a new feature. Which was a bit of a LOL

but a really good feature if folks can get their head around it :wink:

OK - so we have changed the domain name to https://commons.ethosvo.org And also changed the google Oath2 login scripts. We seem to have a new SSL certificate from lets encrypt as well which is all super-impressive.

When you scroll down a longer page the Ethos logo becomes just an ‘O’ which looks beautiful!! That could have taken years to design LOL

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admin suggests that we use the category Site Feedback to talk improvement and dev etc…I think that would be good to keep things tidy :wink:

working my end :slight_smile: a post has to be 20 characters?

Allo, allo. Nighthawk calling London

Whoop. You are most welcome @rawn

I added a front door to the top of the principles page which reads:

Purpose : To build a commons where we balance the wellbeing of people and planet against our own individual, organisational, national interests. Ethos has been building online community since 1999.

Would welcome your input @AnnabelleLambert

Yes - that is a setting that you can find in ‘admin’

Welcome Nighthawk :penguin: most welcome :slight_smile:

@Jim_Knight Welcome onboard, lovely to get the podcast out today. Definitely time for change in education, super important.
It would be great if you could add a short intro for others and also update your profile, add a pic? We are happy to help if anything isn’t clear on How to…just shout!

@John Welcome welcome! It’s been a long time since we met in the UJC all those years ago…you still have my favourite job title ever “Head of Crayons”…still makes me smile;). I have of course bene following what you and Hazel have been up to via the lovely LinkedIn :wink:

Thanks for adding a pic. It would be lovely if you could add a short intro here/profile for folks to know a little more about you? Look forward to getting more embroiled in what we are looking to do here shortly. Great to have you onboard!

@Catherine Hej you! Great to have you onboard. how’s the road to uni going? We leave for Newcastle on Friday, where are you headed?

Don’t forget to add a short intro here and add a pic and a little profile info. Shout if you need any help. Looking forward to getting our teeth into a few things. I will of course expect you to be a regular contributor to the Phun! channel :wink:

@Jon_Crocker Hi and welcome Jon, would be great if you could add a short intro and tell us about your interests and how you came across our fledgling community. Look forward to hearing your stories. :slight_smile:

@oscarownage Hej, don’t think you have escaped my attention , however remote your location :wink: You win the prize for being the first Young Leader to sign up :trophy: :star:. Def drop us a short intro for other folks to know who you are and lovely to have a pic / profile when you get a mo. when you are ready let’s go change the world!! :earth_africa: :grin:

It’s been too many years since we connected with @John I strongly remember when we did that beautiful Ethos workshop in London where I carried your art on my LI profile for so many years. I still have it somewhere! Must try to find it.

Everyone in this community should read your Medium post almost as a rite of passage!

We are in a place there are no algorithms or click-bait to get in the way for people to people conversations. We are here to agree some principles of how we would like things to be. I’m sure there are plenty of folk who are fed up with listening to lies and spin.

we should promote your:

“But what can I do? I am just one person.” — Said 7 billion people.

someone yesterday said those actual words to me. I replied with “Said 7 billion people” and that was job done I felt.