Weekly webinar - Value Exchangers

From Thurs 28th Sept 2023 we will be running a weekly webinar. We are running two sessions each Thursday at 12noon and 16.00hrs UK Time to accommodate most timezones.
If you want to join, book your place here - https://bump.tk/webinar

This is a space to not only share admin and outputs from the weekly webinar, but also to collect feedback, thoughts, inputs etc Go for it!

03/10/2023 (update from Rob) - just a quick heads up that the next webinar is actually going to be on Thursday 16 November with on following on from that on Thursday 13 November Some scheduling issues - not least workload are getting in the way of a weekly meeting at the moment.

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@Hey_Jude Here is the “Topic” called " Weekly webinar - Value Exchangers" that @AnnabelleLambert created within the https://commons.ethosvo.org/c/welcome/4 Category.

On email I suggested you share that video here so we can encourage peeps to share resources with each other. @AnnabelleLambert did you have some links also?


Fun session the other day! I suspect you know about this:

Jørgen Randers - From “The Limits to Growth” to “Earth for All” – the long global perspective (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQu3AX6fNEo)

I thought these were some great points that sync well with the Power book I cited in the chat.

As Jørgen mentioned 3/4 of the population don’t care about sustainability, they care about poverty.

That said, of course a small population of the rich, do actually have the influence to affect change - and so this seems the focus.


Thanks for sharing this @Hey_Jude No wonder he is the most depressed 77 yr old…
It certainly makes sense that if you are living in or on the edge of poverty then it could be very difficult to make space in your mind to even think about sustainability. Those personal survival instincts have got to be overwhelming. This is a strong case for Basic income…basic human right not to be worrying about eating, heating, basic survival needs, sort those then maybe the focus could shift?